söndag 27 juli 2008

Frugan chattar med en av sina systrar -chatting

My wife love to chat on internet. She is online most every morning before she goes to her work. And guess what is the first thing she do when she comes home? ... Yes, you are right! And the last thing she do in the evening, before going to bed...

This Sunday morning was no exception, she started with internet. Then she had a long phonecall to one of her sisters in Philippines. And then, guess - yes she had a one and a half hour long web-chat with the same sister, with webcams.

Waiting to get in touch. And sucess!

And sister Melinda was happy too!

She was so happy, this sister-in-law, that she sent me a flying kiss, even it was not me she chatted too.
Or, maybe the kiss was meant for little Erik?

My wifes smiling sister, and a friend of hers. Live on webcam.

Well, and later she - my wife - had another phonecall to Phils again, with another relative and talking about her Lola. And then more hours on internet, working with pictures and making new bloggcomments... and so on.

OK, between those internet-things we went to a pool. And my wife loved that too. Very much.